Introducing KoyKay

Cloud Based Phone System

A flexible business phone system. Connect your team to your customers, from anywhere in the world. Great for remote working and distributed teams. Start with just your laptop & mobiles – add desk phones if and when you require.

Use your existing devices

Open KoyKay in your browser and start to make and receive calls immediately. Calls between your team members are free. Calls to your customers landlines from 1p/min and mobiles from 6p/min.


Take notes on every call and have them available for the next person who on your team who connects with the same customer


Your whole team can see how many calls are in progress, including how many customers are waiting.

No more phone lines

Move your phone lines to KoyKay and cut the cord from your telephone company. Our numbers are portable and can reach you anywhere in the world. New phone numbers are available in minutes. No engineers, no fuss.

Fast & Easy SETUP

Sign up and get started in minutes. Keep your existing phone number or get a new one.

Browser based

Pick up your favourite computer and get started with just your browser. Add more devices as you need.


KoyKay provides a simple and easy to use cloud based phone system for your business.


All you need to get started is a computer with a modern web browser – and maybe a pair of headphones. No expensive hardware required to get started.

UNDERSTAND your customers

Build a better pictures of your customers, the products they’ve bought and reasons they called. See their information as soon as you answer their call.


Take notes while you’re on a call and make them immediately available to your team.

Keep your number

Move your existing number of to KoyKay and have it ring on your team’s mobiles or browsers on their laptops. We can supply VoIP desk phones if you’d prefer those too!

Fully Supported

Our UK-based team are on hand to help you get up and running with the minimum amount of fuss.

Free Updates

The KoyKay system is cloud based. This means it’s always up to date and you always have access to our latest features


Here’s what our customers are saying about KoyKay

The KoyKay team are super helpful. They helped us cut our line & call costs by more than 50%! They gave us tonnes of flexibility. During the COVID-19  pandemic we were able to get everyone working from home within minutes.


Director, Estate Agency

We switched to KoyKay and haven’t looked back. The team went above and beyond to help us move away from our old provider. We now save money and get more value from our phone system. Customers can call our landline and reach us whether we’re in the office or out on a job.


Director, Heating Company

KoyKay provide phones for each of our classrooms. Teachers are able to talk to the team – for free – without leaving the students unattended. When calling our customers, the call rates are second to none and the service has been rock solid from day one. Highly recommended!


Educator, Tuition Company

Sign up for free

Sign up today and test our system with £2 free call credit. To help prevent fraud Your account will be set up as soon as we’ve verified your identity.

Latest News

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